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One Student’s Reflection 

I like learning about marine environment and ocean structures because I plan on becoming a part of the fishing and chartering business after I graduate college. I plan to buy a boat and charter with my brothers and by learning about the oceans will increase our skills and our ability to be successful in that business. By learning about currents, tides, depth, etc we will be able to navigate, confidently, in the open ocean to areas where healthy, ample fish can be caught. By learning basic navigating skills, we will never have to worry about getting lost or stranded if our technology fails, as well as returning our visitors safely back home. As well as learning about the structural aspect if the marine environment, I am interested to learn about the sea-life in marine-biology next semester. I think it will benefit us by understanding what fish and other species are edible, non-edible (and what signs to look for), endangered, popularity in the market, and whether or not it will be a successful catch in a day’s trip. Every piece of knowledge we can learn will benefit us in the future.

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