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Blackawton Bees

For my research today I learned about the Blackawton Bees.  Blackawton Bees use the spatial relationships between colors to figure out which flowers had sugar water in them and which flowers had salt water in them. I thought this was very interesting how someone could think this up. How does one think to experiment on bees and use colors to determine whether there is salt or sugar water in them.  They gave the bees series of challenges to determine if they were intelligent enough to find the difference of salt and sugar water in the flowers. The test became harder and harder and finally the results the bees had become more and more conclusive. One test they used was the bee arena. The bee arena was a small box in which they put the bees in and tested their reaction to different colors and flowers. They had to let the bees in the arena individually at times so that they would be independent and develop their own reasoning and not copy others. Overall between all three tests the Blackawton Bees had similar test results and were all pretty accurate while choosing between the sugar and salt water flowers in the various tests.


Bombus terrestris- the buff-tailed bumblebee or large earth bumblebee is one of the most numerous bumblebee species in Europe

buff-tailed bumble-bee- a bumblebee

visual perception- what ones sees

colour vision- the color someone sees

behavior- the range of actions an mannerisms of an organism

— S. Obrien

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