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During my field trip to Mystic Aquarium, I enjoyed watching the Jelly Fish. The jelly fish are almost invisible but when you add light to the background they change into different colors and glow up. I liked how they came in different shapes and forms, some stayed on the bottom and some were upside down. I also enjoyed watching the clown fish. I liked how they cleaned themselves and how they interacted with each other.   

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The facility of the aquarium was nice. I think its better than the New England aquarium because it had more outside space for animals to get actual fresh air and it allow for more swimming space for the larger animals like the belugas and the sea lions. I think they could in the future add more exhibits up stairs or add more of a little childrens touch tank for smaller children to be able to experience the wildlife in a smaller more controlled area. I really liked the area that they had for the sea lions to reform. I think it somewhat resembled their natural habitat while still having the space and opportunity to show off their tricks in an open space thats safe for both the audience and animals.

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Lastly, I think we could spend more time in class studying endangered animals and how we can help bring them back to the normal numbers. I think that the animals of both land and see, espically the endangered ones, only have selective follows that are trying to help. Having the ability to help animals gain more numbers and sometime in the future stabilize so they will be on their own will help all the populartions of the world.

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Plum island field trip

Leading up to the field trip we learned background information on the ocean. We learned about the ocean floor and the different structures under the sea. Which helped us realize the hidden truth about the oceans tides and ocean’s structures. The tides of the ocean are controlled by the moon. http://geography.about.com/od/physicalgeography/a/tides.htm

We arrived in plum isla nd and learned that the ocean is untameable.  The ocean is indifferent to our troubles.  We found out that sand can be purple. http://www.flickr.com/photos/34463075@N00/1493154286/The purple sand comes from manganese garnet particles that wash down the surrounding hillsides toward the ocean.

There was a dead seal at the beach.  Evidently its because of the weather and possibly bird flu.  It was a dead seal and it was gross.

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