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Sand Variation

In class recently, and on our field trip, we studied & observed the difference in sand particles from different places on Earth. From looking at sand through microscopes, we discovered that there were many different colors, sizes, and textures of sand particles depending on where the sand was from. The different locations of beaches all around the world affect the appearance and quantity of sand particles – for example, sand from St. Kitts was very small and colorful. The particles themselves were many different shapes, and the sand also consisted of small ocean creatures. Sand particles from Niles Beach were all relatively the same size, but the color and texture varied very much – some sharp and rough granules, and others round and smooth. Sand from Pine Island, Florida appeared to be very rock-like and would have probably been better considered to be gravel. The sand granules from Maui were all very smooth and round – and also, the colors consisted of red, purple, yellow, brown, clear, and some orange. Sand from Green Isle, Louisiana consisted of some very small particles, and also very large, jagged pieces that looked out of place. Particles of sand from the Virgin Gorda were roughly all the same size, but again, very sharp and un-even. The last collection of sand our class looked at was from the Mt. Desert Island Maine – all the grains of sand were quite large and spread out under the microscope. The colors of each particle seemed quite similar, and each piece looked like puzzle pieces that appeared to all fit together. The variation in sand particle appearance and texture has all to do with the tides & currents, the contents of the water where the sand is from, the water temperature, and also what kind of minerals or rocks the sand is made up of.

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