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Instructions For Students Writing Blog Posts In Oceanography Class

Hopefully, this post will clarify questions students are having about what is “required” for a blog post. It is first important to understand the driving question behind the assigned topic. Know whether the topic is meant to be reflective or analytical. Verify the assigned length, and format requirements (first person or third person; headings required; formal 5-paragraph or not; etc.)

Basic Rubric For Blog Post

Writing can begin only after the assignment is understood and research completed. Always, ALWAYS keep track of sources. Now write:

  1. Make sure the post is going to the correct blog; many people have multiple blogs. When Ms. Goodrich assigns a blog post for oceanography class, make sure it appears on Ms. Goodrich’s Science Class Blog.
  2. The title should state the point being made in the assignment and NOT be the name of the assignment. Be clever! Consider how a news journalist would title the essay or article. Your post needs to stand out from all the others! Check out this post by Copyblogger: How To Write Headlines That Work
  3. Subtitles give clarity to the topic, especially if the cleverly written title could be interpreted more than one way.
  4. Blogs are visual.┬áInclude pictures – properly credited – and videos. Don’t forget that pictures require titling, also.
  5. The writing should make the reader want to find out more about the topic. Give the reader a place to go with links embedded in the text – at least three.
  6. Leave the reader with a provocative thought at the end of your post. Don’t let your readers go without making them think about your topic. You want them to believe that you are the expert on whatever it was you wrote about.
  7. We live in a world of search engines. Make sure your post gets found by categorizing your post “Oceanography” and labeling the post with key words. Use as many tags as apply. It’s all good.

Final requirement:

Do not bore. You don’t want to be bored, so write to excite.

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