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PhotobucketThe most dangerous marine creatures to humans are jellyfish. Jellyfish are the most venomous creatures around. These jellyfish are known for their ability to kill a victim within 4 minutes, faster than any snake .Jellyfish have existed on the face of this planet for over 650 million years. Both sea anemones and jellyfish have no circulatory system, heat or blood. Some jellyfish have ways of detecting obstacles that can be compared to sight but they don’t have real eyes. It is a mystery how they can process the information from their “sight” since they doesn’t have any brain. They react directly on food and danger stimuli. Jellyfish use tentacles with stinger cells to catch their prey, typically plankton and small fish. The tentacles transport the prey they killed with their stingers to the mouth and the jellyfish promptly devours the animal. It is the same stinger cells that stings humans that ventures to close.


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