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Today I went outside to observe what was going on. The first thing I noticed was a big, fuzzy, bumble bee http://www.bumblebee.org/ digging a whole into the dirt beneath a lilac bush.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syringa I’ve never seen a bee digging into the ground before so I was surprised. It seemed as if it was taking cover from the weather because it was very windy and rather cold for how it had been the past few days. I walked around the lilacs and it seemed as if they were already passing by; compared to most years where they were just blooming at that point. I walked up my walkway, and I noticed that the daffodils we had were already dead, and I really couldn’t remember when they were ever alive. I was thinking that the poor bee no longer had a place to collect pollen, since all of the flowers were either dead or hasn’t bloomed yet. With out the bees, I couldn’t think of any organisms that would die, except for maybe birds, but that wouldn’t make a big impact on the organisms either. So what’s the point of bees? All they do is sting people, and I guess the honey’s okay though. I felt bad so I took my mom’s columbine flower and planted it outside. I hope it doesn’t die with all of the cold weather we’ve been getting lately.

-Vicky D

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