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There are many things that we learned about the ocean currents. Ocean currents are a continuous, direct movement of ocean waters generated by different forces acting upon this, such as, wind, waves, the Coriolis Effect, temperature, and the tides. They can flow for a great amount of distance and help determine the climate of many of the Earth’s regions. Surface ocean currents develop their clockwise spiral in the northern hemispheres and their counterclockwise spirals in the southern hemispheres due to the different wind stressors. In wind-driven currents, the Ekman spiral effect results in the currents flowing at an angle to the driving winds. The salinity and the tides cause the gravitational pull of the moon and the sun.
One action that we will take to protect the ocean is to recycle a lot more and to use a lot less plastic in our everyday lives.


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Over the past several weeks, we have been learning about ocean currents and plastic pollution throughout the world. Plastic is used in various ways such as a packaging and is used so often that people don’t even realize that plastics are used in their everyday necessities. People all over the world are beginning to understand plastic pollution and are oust the use of plastic in their everyday life. A solution people often begin with is to begin using a recyclable grocery bags instead of the thin plastics one the store provides for us. After viewing many videos about plastic pollution we have decided to participate in the effort towards decreasing plastic pollution. One action we would consider taking part in, is using recyclable glass bottles and jars for food products such as milk, jams, butters, and condiments. In our households, we go through a lot of milk cartons and plastic containers for food each week. After one year’s time, those plastic products will add up, and will take part in the plastic pollution. Most people think that their non-recycling actions will not affect the world around them because they are only one person, but in retrospect, each person does have an effect in making the world a better place to live.

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