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Blackawton Bees could be as smart as humans. Although we don’t see them as having the ability to understand and solve things like humans do, bees have similar understandings to us when it comes to figuring out logic. In the experiment discussed in the article, it was concluded that bees could be trained to solve puzzles just like humans can be trained to solve puzzles. The bees in this experiment worked together and solved the puzzle that was given, and were able to complete the puzzle. Bees have personalities and can think about strategies which are something that seems abnormal. Through the experiment, we learned that bees can memorize patterns and shapes which is what helps them to choose which flowers to go to when they need to pollenate, an important survival skills of bees. Bees are just as smart as humans and have many of the same memory skills that humans do. We relate a lot more to our nature than we might think.

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