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On the field trip to the Mystic Aquarium, one of the most interesting creatures to see outside in March were the 27 African Penguins. It must have taken a lot of adapting for the warm weather penguins to adjust to New England weather. All of the best exhibits at the aquarium were outside, including sea lions, otters, and whales. The tanks were very big, but I still feel badly for the animals living in a tanks. I also wondered if they stayed outside all year in enviroment different to their own. In the Sea Lions show, we watched displayed the intelligence of these animals. They could recall shapes, respond to words, jump around and call out to the crowd. In Jelly Fish exhibit was another must see at the Mystic Aquarium. A dark room full of lighten up tanks of jelly fish were really cool to see. They varied in size, shape and color as the light reflected off them. This enviroment was an intresting way to see the uniqueness of the animals.

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After a very long bus ride to Connecticut, we arrived at the aquarium. We drove all the way to Mystic Connecticut from our school in northeast Massachusetts.

After walking around and checking everything out all day, we had learned a lot and seen tons of stuff. Thanks to the aquarium employees, who seamed to be talking your ear off every time you turned around, we learned about every single thing we saw.

After an hour of wandering around we found ourselves in the hard bench seats of the auditorium. There was a full audience and a deep pool set up where a stage might usually be. We watched a sea lion show in these seats and it was very impressive. Sea lions are very smart animals and they were probably the most impressive animal we saw all day. Besides the acribatic tricks they preformed, the trainers gave us tons of information on the animals. I thought it was very interesting to learn sea lions are actually pretty close to humans, and have many of the same traits. There are even some strangly close features such as the sea lions bones in what would be its arm and hand. The sea lion has several bones that make up five fingers. This is one of the many interesting parts to the sea lion that make them one of the smartest animals in the world. We watched the sea lions look a row of shapes and be able to find and choose the shape it was set out to find. I think most found the quick swimming and 8 feet of air they got when flying out of the air but the intelligence side to them is also interesting.

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