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Yesterday on the oceanography field trip to Odiorne Point I learned a lot of new things about the ocean, and particularly the Gulf of Maine.  The biggest thing that I learned was how the temperature in the ocean changes.  It wasn’t the most fun thing we did on the trip, but sitting through the presentation is what taught me the most.  One of the most interesting things I learned about how the ocean temperature changes is that the ocean water is actually somewhat warmer in the fall, then the spring.  This is because after the summer it takes a while for the ocean to get cooled down, and in the spring it takes a while to heat up.  Also, I learned that in shallower water, the ocean is warmer, than in deeper water.  A very interesting thing about the oceans temperature is that there is a significant difference in the temperature of Cape Cods Ocean on the bottom, and on the top of Cape Cod.  The reason for the temperature difference is because it is further north on top, and it is deeper, both of these contribute to the cooler water on the top of Cape Cod.

Odiorne Point Beach

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