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Traveling to Odiorne was such an eye-opening experience to the oceanic world. Pushing our nautical knowns we explored the reservatiion and examined different sea-species whether they were a plant, fish, or another creature. One of my favorite things I learned about were the changes of water tempatures of the ocean water we swim in. We learned that we are not swimming in the Atlantic Ocean when we go to the beach, but more specifically The Gulf of Maine. I now know when the best times to make a plunge into the oceanic water and when to not, as the best times are obviously in the summer, but the fall isn’t that bad either! I thought the spring would carry in warmer water than the fall but I was proved wrong. Also I enjoyed accepting knowledge about lobsters as we found a small one. Lobsters travel backwards and don’t use their legs as much as I thought they would, and now I know I’ll be thinking about it when I’m eating my next lobby.

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