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I thought the field trip was very beneficial to my understanding of oceanography. At the Seacoast Science Center, we learned a lot about the Gulf of Maine and how it changes throughout the course of a year. Not only does the climate and temperature change, but the sea creatures do as well. One thing that I found extremely interesting was how the temperature of the water changes. I had always assumed that the water was the coldest in the winter and the warmest in the summer. I learned that the water is actually warmest in the fall. This is because the water has been warming up since spring and summer, so the surface of the water is pretty warm. This is why water activities such as canoeing and kayaking are most popular during this time of the year. Another interesting fact was that the Gulf of Maine is actually the most active seaport in the nation. The University of New Hampshire uses very expensive equipment to track their findings. Overall, I thought this was an extremely interesting learning experience.

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