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On the field trip to Seacoast Science Center, I learned lots of new information about oceanography. The topic covered most was the seasons of the sea. I learned that the water I swim in is not actually the Atlantic Ocean, but it is the Gulf of Maine. I also learned that the water warms up quickly in the summer and takes a while to cool down in the winter. One of my favorite parts of this field trip was searching for sea glass on the beach. I found multiple, relatively small pieces of sea glass at Seacoast Science Center. Sea glass is made from bottles or pottery that has been tossed in the ocean. The glass is broken up by the tumbling of waves and the current of the ocean. The frosty-looking finish on sea glass is formed by a hydration process. The contents within the bottle (such as soda or beer) or the minerals within the glass slowly leak out and form a frosted appearance on the glass. Sea glass and the way it is formed is a very interesting topic.


The Most Common Colors of Sea Glass






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