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Recently my Oceanography class went to Odiorne State Park. The Hermit Crab or Pagurus Bernhardus was the most prominent animal that I discovered amongst the sand and rocks. I learned that the Hermit Crab can be found here on our beaches in the north east, to as far as coastlines in Russia. I mostly found this animal in the tide pools that had formed due to the low tide on the beach that we were located at. I also learned that Hermit Crabs tend to change their shells quite often. This is interesting to me because it shows how the Hermit Crab is always changing and adapting to their environment. Many other species would be doomed if there habitat was changed on a constant basis. Ordiorne State Park was a great place to go for a class field trip. It had a great amount of wildlife and information for me to learn more about Oceanography and Marine Sciences. The Hermit Crab shell change is a large part of their life. Here is an actual shell change taking place in real life.

Odiorne state park is a great place to visit no matter what time of the year, proof of that is here; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtfPWmGxIoI. Oceanography is an interesting field if you like to boat or would like to know more about the ocean. New England’s climate plays a big part in where Hermit Crabs choose to live in the north east.

-Kyle C.

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