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Dancing of the Continents

In the “Dancing With the Continents” assignment I learned a plethora of new information about continents, plates and the way they behave. With Wagner’s original theory in 1920 saying the continents slide over the ocean floor, he had the write idea,  just not the evidence to prove it. As technology got better more evidence was found to prove this theory and in 1960 the theory of seafloor spreading was published by Hess. This explained the enlargement of the ocean floor.  In future years the theory of plate tectonics, the accepted scientific theory of ocean plate movement today, was released. It states the ocean floor is broken into large pieces (approx. 6) and many smaller pieces that move against one another.

With these theories in mind, the activity certainly gave each student a lot to think about. The entire world was shaped differently millions of years ago. We could have taken a 2-3 hour drive over to Paris back then. India was the same distance away as Florida instead of around the world. In a a couple million more years the world will look like a different place because the continents move about 2-3cm each year.  That’s amazing.

– Tom

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