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The Touch Tank

Throughout this field trip there were many things that we learned about. We were able to get a better understanding about the water hemispheres and the different aquatic animals that live in the Gulf of Maine. Even though there was all that, the thing that i enjoyed most was the touch tank inside of the Odiorne Beach building. The touch tank was a realistic version of what the Gulf of Maine is really like. It showed me how the different sea creatures live and their different habitats that they conform to. Another thing it taught me was how the animals adapt to the different water temperature throughout the hemispheres and seasons. In the touch tank the water was very cold and it showed me how cold the Gulf of Maine gets around this time of the year. The animal that interested me most was the starfish, i was able to feel the texture of it and see how it lives. Overall i enjoyed this field trip alot because i got a better understanding of many different things.

               F1024 B158 - Starfish, orange, 4-inch plastic




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