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wasp hive in the bird feeder

In my backyard this afternoon, I noticed that in my bird feeder was a bee-hive. This hive was about the size of a softball. It had a dark gray-ish color to it, and it looked like it was made out of paper-mache. This old hive may have contained yellow-jackets from last season. Yellow-jackets are insects that sometimes pollinate plants. The plants are a producer, which means they absorb the energy from the sun. This energy flow continues through the yellow-jackets as it pollinates. Yellow-jackets do not tend to be big pollinators because they do not contain the hairs to retrieve the pollen. These yellow-jackets prey on many insects such as crickets, caterpillars, flies, and others. I was just taking a walk through my backyard and i saw a food chain. Stay tuned for more walks through the wilderness! (:

~Marina G.

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