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The crocuses are finally emerging in my front garden. I only saw purple ones; I wonder where the whites, yellows, and oranges are.

Today I pruned the wisteria bush, trying to only take off the newest vines. There are ‘rules’ about when and how to prune, but realistically – I prune when I can, which is better than not at all. The wisteria looks like it could take some more pruning, but I’d like to see the blooms before I take it down any further.

This wisteria should have been planted further from the house as some of the ground roots have, when left untended, made their way into the cellar through the cellar window.  My thought when planting it was that it would make an archway from the front yard to the side yard, and maybe someday it will. At the moment, however it is at just the right height for hitting the driver of the lawn mower in the face.  While beautiful in the Spring, it is an aggressive plant that requires continual monitoring.

Ms. McCarron

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