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I have learned that the arctic biome is a very interesting place.  Most of the arctic biome occures at the poles, and it is also in europe.  Their is an interesting animal in the area.  It is called the Ibex, and it looks like a deer. Their are also interesting plants, and they include chesnut trees, regular trees, shrubs, and some grass plains. Most of the arctic biome is snow and mountains, but their is also some grass. The temperature in the arctic biome is very cold and is usually zero degrees farenheit. Overall the arctic biome is a very interesting place.

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I think this exercise was very good. It was good to learn about all of the biomes. It is weird how the different animals can live in these places. Like polar bears, it is phenomenal how they can live in the arctic and not freeze to death. Also if they lived in any different biome they would die. It is unbelievable how most animals can survive, but also not be able to survive. I think humans are the only ones that adapt to new habitats quickly because all we have to do is put on a coat or something like that.

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