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Traveling to Odiorne was such an eye-opening experience to the oceanic world. Pushing our nautical knowns we explored the reservatiion and examined different sea-species whether they were a plant, fish, or another creature. One of my favorite things I learned about were the changes of water tempatures of the ocean water we swim in. We learned that we are not swimming in the Atlantic Ocean when we go to the beach, but more specifically The Gulf of Maine. I now know when the best times to make a plunge into the oceanic water and when to not, as the best times are obviously in the summer, but the fall isn’t that bad either! I thought the spring would carry in warmer water than the fall but I was proved wrong. Also I enjoyed accepting knowledge about lobsters as we found a small one. Lobsters travel backwards and don’t use their legs as much as I thought they would, and now I know I’ll be thinking about it when I’m eating my next lobby.

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Several weeks ago I was invited to the Connecticut Mystic River Aquarium with my class. I knew this would be really fun and exciting because I love the ocean and what it offers. The most interesting part of the field trip was the Beluga whales. Not only did we get to see these magnificent creatures, but we learned about their habitats and their ways of life. I was chosen to explore more on sea squirts, but unfortunately they did not have any at this aquarium.

Another interesting part of this field trip was being able to touch and handle some of the creatures of the ocean. First I had caught my eye on the tent that held the stingrays and skates. As I entered I knew this would be a great chance to learn more about these interesting creatures. They felt really smooth and underneath there smooth body is where they feed and see. The weird part that happened to these animals was they knew exactly when they were going to be fed.

The penguins I was extremely disappointed because of there lack of doing anything. They sat in the sun and maybe got up to stand every ten minutes. In my disappointment I had made my way to the gift shop to purchase look at some of the items they had. I came across the keychain section and realized that I do not have anything for the car keys. I came across a penguin keychain and a jellyfish keychain. I chose the penguin one because I was upset about the penguins that were there, but at least I got a keychain that makes my car keys look awesome! I hope that next year kids can enjoy the field trip just as much as I did.

— Alex H

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Our field trip, as assessed by Emily: Mystic Adventure.

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Another student blogging about our Mystic Aquarium Field Trip. Follow the link!

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PhotobucketThe exhibit i spent the most time at was the beluga whales. I had never seen a Beluga whale before. i was surprised by their size because i thought they would be much bigger. All the different views of the whale you were able to get made the exhibit much more incredible.

There were a few things about the aquarium i that could have been improved. The aquarium seemed like it was meant more for younger children. I was also expecting to see giant whales and sharks but i didn’t which was a disappointment. But the outside exhibits were the best part of the aquarium and made up for what it lacked.



— Jesse Y.

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The harbor seals provoked the greatest response from me. They looked like tubs a’ blub. I looked the most at the jellyfish. They were very interesting to look at, especially the upside down jellies. Because they looked big and blubbery. They looked funny swimming around and stuff. I felt kind of at peace because there was some soft music playing in the background, but then again maybe I was just imagining the music. Either way it was very relxing and fun to watch.
I liked thetouch tanks because that was the first time I touched a stingray and a shark. I would probably change the movies we watched on the bus. I had happy thoughts.
I really have no further questions baout this field trip. It was fun and I would love to do it again.

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As a marine biology field trip, we embarked on a journey to Connecticut’s Mystic aquarium. While the field trip was short and the bus ride was long, I was really interested by all the animals we encountered.The marine animal that stood out most to me were the beluga whales. There were an array of animals that stood out to me, I found these the most fascinating and surreal. They seemed to have personalitites of their own. I also found the sea turtle very interesting; he spent most of our visit on his head in the tank he was in.




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During my field trip to Mystic Aquarium, I enjoyed watching the Jelly Fish. The jelly fish are almost invisible but when you add light to the background they change into different colors and glow up. I liked how they came in different shapes and forms, some stayed on the bottom and some were upside down. I also enjoyed watching the clown fish. I liked how they cleaned themselves and how they interacted with each other.   

Image      Image

The facility of the aquarium was nice. I think its better than the New England aquarium because it had more outside space for animals to get actual fresh air and it allow for more swimming space for the larger animals like the belugas and the sea lions. I think they could in the future add more exhibits up stairs or add more of a little childrens touch tank for smaller children to be able to experience the wildlife in a smaller more controlled area. I really liked the area that they had for the sea lions to reform. I think it somewhat resembled their natural habitat while still having the space and opportunity to show off their tricks in an open space thats safe for both the audience and animals.

Image  Image 

Lastly, I think we could spend more time in class studying endangered animals and how we can help bring them back to the normal numbers. I think that the animals of both land and see, espically the endangered ones, only have selective follows that are trying to help. Having the ability to help animals gain more numbers and sometime in the future stabilize so they will be on their own will help all the populartions of the world.

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