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Personally, I thought that researching my biome was interesting. I learned a ton of information about the freshwater biome from the research that I did, and I also learned additional information from the presentations that were given in class too. Most of my research was focused on marshes like the everglades in Florida. Some of the animals that live in the everglades are the alligator, crocodile, and over 350 species of birds. I also found the arctic, savanna, and tropical biomes very interesting. In a freshwater biome, particularly in the everglades, about 60 inches of rain fall per year. Overall finding out all of this new information about biomes that I did not fully know about was very eyeopening and interesting.


Jake G.

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Learning about the biomes in the world was very interesting, and i learned alot of information. There are several biomes that make up our world. Some are hot and some are cold, and they all are unique.

We were assigned to research one biome and make a brochure advertising it. I thought that this was a great way to learn the information. I researched the freshwater biome. The freshwater biome is home to many organisms such as fish, frogs, and turtles. Freshwater biomes contain little or no salt. After doing our separate research on specific biomes, we got together as a class to share our findings. During this time, we listened to what people had to say, and learned a little about each biome. I thought that this was an effective way of learning the material.


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