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I have learned that the arctic biome is a very interesting place.  Most of the arctic biome occures at the poles, and it is also in europe.  Their is an interesting animal in the area.  It is called the Ibex, and it looks like a deer. Their are also interesting plants, and they include chesnut trees, regular trees, shrubs, and some grass plains. Most of the arctic biome is snow and mountains, but their is also some grass. The temperature in the arctic biome is very cold and is usually zero degrees farenheit. Overall the arctic biome is a very interesting place.

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So recently in class we did a project on Biomes. We had to make a pretty little brochure and present it to the class. I had Temperate Grasslands which was fairly interesting and i liked learning about it. I certainly learned things I did not know previously. However, one thing about the project i did not like was that it seemed really rushed. It was very brief and the presentations were hardly memorable. Overall however, i think it was a fair project.

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Hot Desert Biome

Today in biology class, we learned about the different types of biomes.  One that I thought was particularly interesting was the hot desert biome.  The hot desert biome is usually located near the equator.  The average high of the desert is 49 degrees C.  However, the air becomes very cold at night.  A variety of small animals feed the large predators, like hawks, owls, roadrunners, and eagles.  Plants in the area survive by growing thick skins, like cactus, to stop transpiration.  I think this is interesting, because their thick skins could make it harder for animals to eat them.  Most plants are ground-hugging, because of the extreme heat.  I think the way that animals have adapted to desert life is fascinating.

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