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The Oil spill that has happened in the Gulf of Mexico isn’t that bad. It will only kill thousands of plants and animals but, who really cares about the baby turtles, fish and birds. They shouldn’t deserve to live since they are stupid enough to eat the oil. Anyways, the CEO of Bp, Tom Hayward says “the effects will be very modest” so don’t bother worrying about it. This HAS to be true cause he would never lie about this.

Also, the Gulf of Mexico is a big OCEAN and the oil spill is only a small portion of it. If worse comes to worse the oil may disperse into the marshes and possibly into the Gulf stream which will then travel all over the world. These marshes only harbor a entire ecosystem. Take for example the brown Pelican. Some of these birds are so incrusted in oil that they cant fly and the fish they eat to survive are dying too. As of this moment there has been no solution to fixing this minor problem and were looking for solutions so if you have any ideas please share.

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The Gulf oil leak is hurting all the organisms in the water.  Not only are the organisms living in the water feeling the effects, but others are too.  The pelicans have been covered in the nasty oil.  More than 65 miles of Louisiana shore line has been covered.  Two major pelican rookeries are filled and many marshes.  They are now using chemicals to break down the steady flow of the oil.  This solution is safer for the birds and keeps the oil away from land.  The fish are usually incapable of handling the harsh chemical and are usually killed.  The chemicals migrate fast and effect many fish in many areas.  I do not believe this is the right solution.  I think they should take the fish into consideration and not just the birds.  This oil spill is taking a harsh tole on these poor organisms.

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As many people know the day before Earth Day a huge fire on the BP Transocean Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig caused a huge leak 5,000 feet under, in the ocean, and killed 11 people.  Currently this leak is dumping approximately 5,000 t0 60,000 barrels a day into the water, scientist are not positive about how to measure the spill. Obviously this leak is extremely damaging to both nearby wildlife and humans. Brainstormed ideas to resolve this matter include:

1. burning it, which would then send high ammounts of pollutants into the atmosphere

2. attempts to cap it have failed

3. shooting golfballs or pieces of tires into the leak

4. riser tube to suck up oil

and others. All plans have either failed or done minimal help. Bp needs a new solution now!! Step up if you’ve got something better ; ]

It is estimated that 400 different sea life species are endangered by this leak. 25 million bird that fly over this area daily are endangered in the crucial time of Spring, for mating. The Brown pelican, recently removed from the endangered species list and Lousiana State bird, is the most affected bird of all.

This video link is a live feed of the oil spill currently mixed with some detergent chemicals:






– Chloe

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