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At the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut, I saw an abundant number of marine animals, all of which were very interesting to observe and to take pictures of. Many of the sea creatures provoked feelings and emotions from me. The animal that provoked the most response and the most feelings from me were the California Sea Lions. They intrigued me greatly, probably because they were the most captivating and entertaining to watch. they were giant and very amusing to watch.

The feelings that the California Sea Lions provoked from me were intense. The feelings that I experienced was the senses of calmness and relaxation, as they were swimming fastly but gracefully under the water, but as the came out onto the rocks and started speaking, I felt the intense feeling of amusement, awe and excitement.

I felt that we made a great decision to go to the Aquarium.  I liked the Auditorium and the outside exhibits most. They spaced out the exhibits perfectly. I would recommend schools to go there for field trips. One thing I would change about the whole experience was I would ask the Aquarium to get rid of the seagulls swarming around the eating area.

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 Last week, we traveled to Mystic Connecticut to visit one of  New England’s most imfamous aquariums. The Mystic Aquarium was a wonderful place to visit! When entering the aquarium, the first animal that I saw was the Beluga Whale, it was quite intersting to see the beluga whale interact with eachother in the large pool. They seemed to be very happy playing with eachother. It made me realize that humans are so small compared whales.

Even though the aquarium was very far away, it was well worth the trip. Whether you enjoyed the African Penguins or the California Sea Lions there was something for everyone. Below are some links to the featured species at the aquarium. I would definiltey recommend going if the opportunity comes about!

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The field trip to mystic aquriuam was a good time. We got to see,feel, and learn about animals we dont see that often. We also say some bulega whales having intercourse. I got to touch some stingrays and little sharks. The couple sea turtles they had were relatively young. The sea turtles are special becuase there is not a large amount of them. The field trip was fun!






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